Will my website be Responsive? I’ve heard that’s a thing.

Yes! We pride ourselves on creating websites that scale extremely well to any size device. And this goes beyond just responsiveness. Sometimes it’s best to serve (or display) different – or only some – of the content on a smartphone than you’re showing on a desktop site. People do have shorter attention spans when surfing on phones, so they may not want to wade through as much to find what they want.

We take a hard look at the audiences you’re targeting with your site, and help figure out the best way to deliver your content to that audience where they are. And yes, you’ll get that nice little “Mobile-friendly” tag on your Google search results.

What browsers do you support for website projects?

Good question. As browser technology continues to evolve and expand, it gets more and more expensive to support every single browser out there.

We support the latest versions of all web browsers

  • We no longer support Internet Explorer 6-8
  • Desktop browsers supported: Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9+, Opera, Chrome
  • Mobile browsers supported: Safari, Chrome, Android

What will a website cost me?

Well, as you’ve probably found out by now if you’ve done any research at all… it depends. We design and build every website fully custom, based on the functionality needed, your audience and your goals for the site. We’re not just setting up existing WordPress themes or customizing templates.

Generally speaking, a basic website will start around 5K. More involved or specialized design work, specific functionality requirements, customized administration areas, easter eggs, animation, heavy content, and any other fancy stuff all takes time and expertise, so costs more. That being said, the fancy stuff is what we specialize in, and why our clients keep coming back to us. In the 10-15K range, we can typically provide a beautiful, unique and highly functional site for your business.

My business isn’t blogging. Isn’t WordPress a blogging platform?

Yes and no! WordPress was originally built as a blogging platform, but has since evolved into a powerful and easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS). Content Management is basically the ability to update the content on your site without having to know or touch any HTML or other code.

I don’t code. How can I add or update content to the site? Do we have to pay you every time?

We leverage the power of WordPress’ CMS (see previous question about WordPress) to create a dynamic site that you (our happy client) can easily manage and control. After we run you through some of the basics, you’ll be off and running, adding text content, images, videos, you name it! Writing content is like using your favorite word processing software (like Word or Pages without all the bloat).

Don’t worry, we’ll make sure you’re comfortable adding content before we send you off into the wild on your own.

Do you provide content services?

Currently we don’t do content creation in house, but we work with some great people who do! Depending on what your site is about and your target audience, we’ll get the right people on it. And we’ll even manage them if you prefer a hands-off approach!

What about SEO?

We build all our websites with Search Engine Optimization in mind, and use the latest standards to ensure that the major search engines can easily find and crawl the right content on your site. We believe the best way to build your search presence and page rank is through great content. While we don’t have SEO content people in-house at this time, we can set you up with an expert that has earned our stamp of approval.